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Repel Chiggers From Your Yard Without Harming Your Children Or Pets

Chiggers are tiny mites that thrive when the weather is warm and humid. When it is warm and humid, they can quickly infest a yard. If they have infested your yard, they can start attaching themselves to you as soon as you go outside, eating your skin cells. In the process, you will develop a welt that looks similar in appearance to mosquito or flea bites. If your yard is infested, a pest control company can spray your yard with chemicals that can kill these pests. However, these chemicals may be harmful to pets and children. Luckily, there are natural ways to repel these pests, without putting your pets or children in harm's way. 

Sulfur Pellets

Chiggers, fleas and ticks do not like the scent of sulfur. Applying sulfur powder to your body can help repel these pests and prevent them from attacking you. But, if you are looking for a more long-term solution, spreading sulfur pellets throughout your yard may be the solution you are after. Here is how you can repel chiggers from your yard with sulfur pellets:

  1. Purchase sulfur pellets. This item is also sold under the name of elemental sulfur or garden sulfur. These pellets are traditionally used to lower the pH balance of your soil. As such, you can find this product at any garden supply store or nursery. 
  2. Pour the sulfur pellets into a seed sprayer or seed spreader. Apply the product to your entire outdoor space using the sprayer or the spreader. 
  3. Water your yard for 10 minutes after applying the pellets. This helps them work their way into your soil, ensuring they won't wash away the first time it rains. 
  4. Reapply sulfur pellets on a monthly basis when chiggers are active. You do not have to apply the pellets during cold months when chiggers are not active. 

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product that is used as a growing medium, a natural insecticide and to protect stored grains from pests. Some people also consume this product on a daily basis, believing it helps heal the body, improve hair growth, and improve dental health. If you have a chigger infestation outdoors, this product can be used to kill these pests. Diatomaceous Earth dehydrates many pests, including chiggers, fleas and cockroaches. Eventually, these pests die from their dehydration. Follow these steps to rid your outdoor space from chiggers using diatomaceous Earth

  1. Purchase food-grade diatomaceous Earth. This product can be found at a wide array of places, including organic food stores and home improvement stores. 
  2. Find an old, plastic container with a lid, such as a butter tub. Poke holes in the lid using a pencil or pen. Do not make the holes any larger than the size of a pencil or pen. 
  3. Fill the old container with your food-grade diatomaceous Earth. Put the lid on the container. 
  4. Walk around your yard and bushes, shaking the container upside down to distribute this product. 
  5. The diatomaceous Earth will slowly wash away when it rains or when you water your yard. As such, it should be reapplied about every four weeks. If you water your yard more than normal or have heavy storms, consider reapplying it sooner. 

Chiggers can attach themselves to people or animals that are in your yard. Because of this, you, your children or your pets may not want to go outside if your yard is infested. A pest control company can help you get rid of chiggers by using popular insecticides such as carbaryl, chlorpyrifos, cyfluthrin or diazinon. Unfortunately, these products can be harmful to your pets and small children. Luckily, you can remove chiggers from your property with the use of sulfur pellets or diatomaceous Earth, neither of which are harmful to pets or children.