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3 Tips for Using a Propane Tank to Fuel a Camping Heater

If you are someone who loves being outdoors and feels that camping may be a great option for you in the near future, you need to be sure that you properly prepare by purchasing the right equipment. Many people know to purchase sleeping bags and tents, but what you may not realize is a good investment is a great camping heater. The heater will provide ample heat within the tent so that you can stay warm and toasty all night long. Many of the heaters require propane to operate. Use the guide that follows for a few tips on using propane to operate a camping heater.

Choose the Right Size Propane Tank

When you go camping, you will often have the heater on for many hours at a time. There are small propane tanks that will provide fuel to the heater for only a few hours. This creates quite a hassle because you will have to get up out of your sleeping bag and replace the propane tank every few hours. Instead, consider investing in a larger tank that will provide you with the enough propane to keep the tent toasty throughout the night.

Keep the Propane Tank Outside the Tent

When you use a propane tank to supply fuel to a camping heater, the large tank needs to be kept outside of the tent just in case there is a propane leak. You do not want to be breathing in those fumes directly. You will need to invest in a hose that connects the propane tank to the heater so that the tank can be kept outside and the heater can be kept inside of the tent. If you try to operate the heater and notice that no propane is going through the hose you may have a blockage or kink. Be sure the hose is not kinked and remove it from the heater and the propane take and attempt to blow air into it. This will clear any blockage.

Don't Swap Out the Tank when it's Empty

Many people make the mistake of buying a new propane tank when they get their heater and then swapping it out when it becomes empty. This is not a good idea. If you buy a 20-pound tank and go to swap it for a new tank, you could end up with a 10-pound tank instead of the 10-pound tank because you will not be able to tell the difference when you are carrying it to your car. It is best to simply have the tank refilled when it is empty so that you always know you are getting the right amount of propane when you go camping.

Propane tanks are not overly expensive to purchase. It is best to purchase one in brand new condition rather than used condition because you will be able to rest assured that it works properly when you go to use it while camping.